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  • Scalable platform 1U
  • IP-PBX for 2 000 subscribers with VAS support 
  • High-quality voice processing
  • Carrier class reliability
  • up to 768 VoIP channels 
  • up to 16 Е1 flows (RJ-48) 
  • Support of 2 built-in SD 8Gb 
  • Hardware redudancy


SMG-1016M is used as a trunk gateway for interfacing of signal and media streams of TDM and VoIP networks. The gateway also might be used as an IP PBX with VAS support and a universal solution for infocommunication new generation networks (NGN). The wide function-set, strict compliance with requirements and standards and carrier class reliability allow service providers to solve most part of their objectives using SMG-1016M. 



SMG-1016M is a beneficial investment in the future of your project due to its scalability. The gateway supports up to 16 E1 streams (SS7, PRI, V5.2) and up to 768 VoIP channels. 

Carrier class reliability 

SMG-1016M provides high level of fault tolerance due to embedded state-of-the-art Marvell chip, uniform load distribution among submodules, power modules redundancy
and usage of up-to-date technologies based on parallel computing. The gateway will switch to a backup submodule in case of a primary submodule fault.  

Functional compatibility 

Strict compliance with up-to-date protocols’ requirements, recommendations and standards provides functional compatibility with a variety of equipment: digital PBX, IP PBX, Softswitches, VoIP gateways, SIP phones, programmable SIP clients, etc.


Media streams transcoding

The hardware transcoding based on MediaCodecs Mindspeed Technologies helps negotiate media streams with different VoIP codecs which are used in up-to-date networks.

IP-АТS with VAS and LAES support 

Additional options for SMG-1016M gateway allow using it as a full-function IP-PBX up to 2 000 SIP users with supporting a wide set of VAS, as well as full compliance with regulatory documents according to LAES. The IP-PBX ECSS-10 program module is intended for fast deployment of VoIP communications node with minimal capital expenses (CAPEX). Availability of all types of certificates for a family of products ECSS-10 makes it possible to use IP-АТС ECSS-10 on the basis of trunk gateway SMG-2016 as an PBX of any level with subsequent acceptance for operation by the authorities of Russia's Communications Oversight Agency and Federal Security Service of Russia. 

Intellectual protection of IP networks 

The intellectual protection against unauthorized external connections of SIP users (fail2ban, iptables, white/blacklists, etc.) has been implemented in trunk gateway SMG-1016M. In order to pr