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Key features 

  • Office PBX functionality
  • High-quality sound
  • Current and voltage port protection
  • Measurement of subscriber line physical parameters
  • The maximum length of line – 6 km 

Multiport Access VoIP-gateways TAU series   are designed and suitable for voice and  facsimile information  transmission via the IP-network.  Gateways provide customers with  high-quality  Telephone Communications with Value Added Services Support: call-forward, call waiting,  3-way conference, pick up, group call,  call line identification presentation etc.


High quality Voice

High performance hardware platform based on Mindspeed modern chipset,  support  of all basic  audio codecs  used in  VoIP-networks   (G.711, G.723.1, G.726,   G.729),   echo elimination functions,  silence detector,  comfort noise generator,  DTMF signal reception and generation,  as well as  traffic prioritization mechanism  (QoS)  provide  high quality of voice data.


IMS Ready

Support of IMS extensions allows using TAU with different IMS platforms. 


Ease of use

The user-friendly control interface as well as supporting means of group-type automated control on the basis of TR-069 and DHCP (DHCP-autoprovision)   protocols  ensure  subscriber's line physical parameters  measurement capabilities  and ease of using unlimited number of TAU gateways on the operator's network. 

Supports capability to measure following subscriber's line parameters :

  • extraneous voltage on the wires  a and b

  • subscriber's line  voltage

  • ringing voltage

  • resistance between wires a and b,  cable a and ground, cable b and ground

  • capacitance between wires a and b,  cable a and ground, cable b and ground

Eltex.EMS management system

For gateways mass exploitation on network Eltex offers unified monitoring and control system  Eltex.EMS. The system provides gateways group centralized management with the ability of ports monitoring via unified web-interface.


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  • VoIP protocols

    • SIP
    • SIP-T
    • H.323
    • H.248

    Voice codecs

    • G.729 (A, B) 
    • G.711 (a-law, µ-law)
    • G.723.1 (6,3/5,3 Cbps)
    • G.726

    Fax support

    • T.38 UDP Real-Time Fax
    • G.711 (a-law, µ-law) pass-through

    Voice standards

    • VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
    • CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)
    • AEC (echo cancellation, G.168  recommendation)

    Functional features

    • SIP server authentication with common username and password for all subscribers
    • SIP server authentication with individual username and password for each subscriber
    • Support for redundant SIP servers
    • Support for Outbound SIP servers from DHCP Option 120
    • Direct routing to the unregistered devices on a SIP server
    • Internal switching is saved in case of SIP server connection loss
    • Independent Value Added Services’ processing (distributed mini PBX mode)
    • Regular expressions in Dialplan
    • Caller and called numbers modifications
    • Distinctive ring service
    • User tone signals
    • Limitation of simultaneous connections
    • CPC (Calling Party Control): disconnect signal by circuit disruption
    • Support for pay phone
    • Support for operation behind NAT (STUN, PublicIP)