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SoftWLC is a software package designed to operate on a wireless access network using Wi-Fi Technology. SoftWLC controller performs a wide range of challenges in the HotSpot area organization and authorization of users according to the local security requirements. It is a flexible and convenient tool to monetize Wi-Fi services and provide quality service under the operator's control. The complex provides a single interface for all Wi-Fi network management operations. The high flexibility of the solution provides organization of Enterprise level peer network with a basic set of services as well as complex solutions with hierarchical management of carrier-grade. There are also hybrid circuit applications.

The complex consists of

  • Сontrol and monitoring system
  • WEB-server for Hotspot service implementation (CaptivePortal)
  • DHCP server to issue addresses for access points and Wi-Fi users
  • RADIUS-server for authentication, authorization, and statistics collection

Key features of SoftWLC

  • Access points configuration, including group policies
  • Wi-Fi clients configuration, including group policies
  • Access points monitoring, including selective interfaces and parameters
  • Displaying the current status of all network Wi-Fi customers
  • Statistics of the network: traffic, sessions, device types, and so on.
  • Collection of service and emergency information
  • Network failures alerts
  • Debug information
  • Flexible system of personnel rights (roles, users)
  • Integration with OSS/BSS provider via Northbound Interface

Key features of Hotspot Captive Portal

  • Ability to implement an unlimited number of individual virtual portals (the number of portals can be equal to the number of SSID on the network)
  • Each virtual portal has its own interface
  • Implemented interface of the SMS-sending services
  • Users authorization support
  • Data storage of user authorization up to 3 years
  • Advertising platform integration support
  • Online payment services support
  • Brute force protection mechanism: captcha


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