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  • Data transfer rate up to 980 Mbit/s
  • Compatible with MES switches, TAU-72.IP and TAU-32M.IP
  • Up to 12 supported services
  • Support of FEC, encoding and DDMI interface

NTU-SFP-200 is a high-performance subscriber terminal designed for communication with higher-level equipment of passive optical networks and providing broadband access services to the end user. Connection with GPON networks is implemented via PON interface. Connection of customer end equipment is implemented via SFP or SFP+ interface.
The number of services is restricted by OLT opportunities.
NTU-SFP-200 can operate in a bridge mode.


  • 1 PON SC/APC port for connection to the operator’s network
  • 1 Ethernet 1000BASE-X SFP port for connection to the network equipment

Scheme of use
Using this device you can provide the following schemes of traffic transfer from the switch:

  • transferring untagged traffic from a switch to a specific VLAN (802.1q) or VLAN stack (QinQ)
  • transferring tagged traffic from a switch in a predetermined VLAN transparently or using VLAN manipulation (802.1q tag replacement for another 802.1q tag or tag stack)
  • transferring tagged traffic from a switch in the range of VLAN encapsulation to a specific 802.1q tag (selective tunneling)
  • transferring all traffic from a switch with encapsulation to a specific 802.1q tag (conventional tunneling)


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  • General parameters

    • Standards support:
      • G.984.2 Class B+
      • G.984.5
      • FDA 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 IEC-60825 Class I
      • SFF-8472
    • Maximum data transfer rate - 980 Mbps
    • Maximum frame size - 1992
    • Equipment compatibility - MES switches, TAU-72.IP, TAU-32M.IP
    • Optic parameters - complies with Class B+
    • Emitted power - 0.5 dBm
    • Receiver sensitivity - -28 dBm
    • Receiver overload threshold - -8 dBm
    • Management - OMCI
    • Size of MAC-address table - 4096
    • Number of supported services - up to 12
    • Number of registered IGMP-groups - 256
    • FEC support
    • Encoding support
    • DDMI interface support

    Physical parameters

    • Power consumption - up to 3 W
    • Operating temperature range - from -40°С up to +85°С
    • Relative humidity - from 5 up to 95% without condensation
    • Dimensions (WxHxD) - 74.7х12.4х14 mm
    • Weight - 0.04 kg
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