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MЕ Series routers are multifunctional devices with a high port density intended for use in provider networks as aggregation router and IP/MPLS network transport border routers. These routers are cost-effective, compact and high-performance solution which can be used to organize operator’s points of presence when providing data services for large customers with high reliability requirements. Fault tolerance of devices is ensured by redundant power supplies (1+1) and by replaceable fan modules. All redundant units are hot-swappable.

In addition to traffic routing and switching, the main functionality of the device includes wide support for MPLS switching mechanisms, such as MPLS Layer3 VPN, VPLS (Kompella/Martini), VPWS with pseudowire backup capabilities, Multicast routing with support for PIM-SM/PIM- SSM/MSDP/Anycast PIM, as well as rich QoS capabilities. This set of functions allows to use devices as full-featured provider edge (PE) routers.

ME5000 is a high performance modular router that has hardware architecture that provides flexible scaling and the ability of hardware configuration for various requirements both in terms of bandwidth and types of network int